Seven Tips for a Successful Fundraising Campaign

When your Masjid project or centre’s expansion project requires you to raise millions of dollars, it becomes necessary to put some thought and strategy into how you’re going to raise these funds. With proper planning and strategizing, your fundraising ambitions can go a long way. Here are seven tips you can follow when planning your next fundraising campaign:

  1. Carefully define the following three aspects of your campaign:
    1. Purpose
    2. Target amount
    3. Period
  2. Compile one or more stories that best highlight the work your organization does and then showcase them to your community; for example, what story can you think of that best demonstrates how your masjid has helped Muslim kids learn and apply the Quran?
  3. Design and develop marketing media to tell your stories in the form of online videos, banners, and printed posters and pamphlets (pledge forms)
  4. Prepare both your online and offline premises for the campaign:
    1. Online: How are you accepting online donations? Are you considering a crowdfunding platform of some sort, preferably one that you can embed on your organization’s website? Prepare your organization’s social media platforms to reflect the online campaign.
    2. Offline: Prepare your organization’s main premises (like a Masjid) to be in an optimal state for influencing potential donors to donate. Put up posters about the campaign, have TV monitors reflect campaign progress, and designate donation stations.
  5. Form an ambassador team and prepare them for the campaign; train them on the best practices of fundraising, particularly online
  6. Devise a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes considerations for:
    1. Online fundraising (through social media and your organization’s mailing lists)
    2. Reconnecting with past donors
    3. Fundraising events and initiatives, such as fundraising dinners, Jumuah collections, and other special events
  7. Set out a campaign plan to be executed during the campaign period; your campaign plan should be divided into phases, with each phase having defined fundraising events and target audiences