Written by Suhailah Waheed

Dear brothers and sisters,

Like you, we are actively working to stabilize ourselves during this trying time. But if there’s one thing we know from supporting small nonprofits and Islamic organizations like yours, it’s this: during this time, we will be more thoughtful, considerate, and “virtually” active community members. We will come out of this stronger, together.

The organizations we serve, help us navigate fundraising trends and challenges, and we want to continue to offer quality guidance you can rely on during this time.

In the spirit of helpfulness, we’ve pulled together a list of important factors related to popular concerns in responding to COVID-19.


Bringing the mission of your organizations to the homes of local Muslims during this difficult time is essential. Your supporters want to know how their local organizations are doing. By continuing to engage with them virtually, you bring the commitment right to them.

  1. If you have scheduled communication, be sure to double-check the tone of those communications before publishing anything. Consider updating your website, thank you letters, donation pages, etc.
  2. Continue to post on social media with helpful resources that relate to your organization’s mission.
  3. Offer safe support and assistance to those in need, even if it is through a virtual opportunity.


Your donors are experiencing worry and concern just as you are. Globally, we are bringing together our networks to engage with and support each other. Right now, donor engagement and uplifting are more important than ever. Our methods of giving opportunity must continue, allowing our supporters to continue to help those in need.

  1. Before making an ask for donations, do a heart to heart check-in with your congregation and donors.
  2. Now is the time to endorse the urgency of giving in general, but especially during Ramadan.
  3. Share how your masjid has been affected by COVID-19, and what support can do for your masjid.

The only way to guarantee that you don’t raise money is not to ask!

Most importantly…don’t give up! You are not alone in this, and with the permission of Allah, you will get through this stronger, Ameen.

“And verily We shall try you till We know those of you who strive hard (for the cause of Allah) and the steadfast, and till We test your record.” (Surah Muhammad, Verse 31)

If your organization would like to schedule one on one time with us to discuss your Ramadan Campaign and fundraising through COVID-19, schedule your free Q&A call. Let us know how we can help you through this time.