If you want to have a fruitful fundraising campaign, whether it be during Ramadan or during the fall or winter seasons, make sure you allocate some time and resources to the design of marketing material. Don’t leave it to the last minute and certainly do not treat it like an afterthought. Give yourself one to two months of preparation time ahead of the campaign. Having well-designed and well-articulated marketing material reflects better on your organization and attracts more attention.

A fundraising campaign should at least have three types of marketing material: a video (or multiple videos), a poster (and/or banner), and a flyer.

The video (or video series) is used online, such as on social media. The poster can be printed and placed at your Masjid. Alternatively or additionally, the banner would be used online, such as on your organization’s website and social media. The flyer, preferably with content on both its front and back sides, would be distributed when visiting other organizations for Jumuah or Taraweeh collections.

When brainstorming the marketing material’s content, make sure to include the following:

  • Campaign name (yes, come up with a name for the campaign!)
  • Your organization’s logo, website address, and contact info (at least email address)
  • Target amount
  • End date (or deadline)
  • Purpose of needed funds
  • Ways to donate
  • Pledge form (on the back side of the flyer)

Below you can find some examples of a poster, banner, and flyer for your reference.

Ecole Ibn Batouta poster
Poster for a campaign by Ecole Ibn Batouta
TLA Ramadan Banner
Banner for a Ramadan campaign by the Tarbiyah Learning Academy
ISK flyer - front
Flyer for a campaign by the Islamic Society of Kingston – Front
ISK flyer - back
Flyer for a campaign by the Islamic Society of Kingston – Reverse