ANFIQ - Fundraising Resource for Masjids and Islamic Organizations

Most Islamic Organizations, such as Masjids and Islamic Schools, require hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to get established or just continue operation. They usually rely on their local communities to raise these funds.

At ANFIQ we have simply accumulated a lot of the best practices in fundraising from the various Muslim organizations we have worked with so that other Muslim organizations in a similar position would benefit. We have also complimented these fundraising techniques with standard principles of fundraising that can be learned from the non-profit sector to ensure maximum gain.

Masjids and Islamic Centres

One of the biggest hurdles for Masjids and Islamic Centres is to raise enough funds to acquire or expand their properties, which often requires millions of dollars. However, not many are familiar with fundraising techniques from the non-profit sector and so miss out on great treasures that just need to be unearthed!

Islamic Schools

As non-profit private schools targeting Muslim donors, Islamic schools are already in a favorable position from a fundraising perspective. But imagine they complement that blessing with tried fundraising techniques from the non-profit sector. They are in for a ride!

Preparing for a Ramadan Campaign

There is no doubt that Ramadan is the best month of the year for Muslims and that shows in their donating habits. It is safe to say that most Masjids and Islamic centres receive the bulk of their annual donations in Ramadan. So, is your organization prepared for this upcoming Ramadan?